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Our Purpose:

“Our purpose is to bridge cultural and communication gaps, enhance leadership capabilities, and drive performance excellence, contributing to the success of diverse, global professionals and organizations.”

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Bridging cultural and communication gaps

Enhancing leadership capabilities, performance, diversity, and global citizenship

English Language Solutions

Experience English expertise with CIWLEARNING Solutions.

Continuous Support

Experience outstanding customer value with CIWLEARNING.


Experience innovation and technology use with CIWLEARNING.


Expect value and quality with CIWLEARNING.

Leacturing and Training Availability

Lecturing and training since 2007 in maritime safety and English as a Foreign Langauge (EFL).

eLearning and Web Solutions

Experience the expertise and use of technology with CIWLEARNING.

Learn English

Our comprehensive suite of professional English, leadership, and leadership services caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from organizations, practitioners, students, to working professionals.

English as a Foreign Language

  • Placement Assessment for CEFR
  • Business English
  • ILTS
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  • A world of thought-provoking articles.
  • Case studies that celebrate leadership across boarders.
  • Exclusive access to culturally diverse content.

“There’s an increasing awareness of the importance of leadership and organizational development across industries.”

Dr. William E Hamilton, Ph.D.

President, Cafe Iman West, DBA CIWLEARING

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